Invitation World Championships 2017


World championships 2017, Leipzig: We welcome you.

Since 1896 fencing is one of the Olympic disciplines. In the beginning only foil and sabre fencing ware part of the Olympic Games. In 1900, the epee style was included into the program. In 1924 women were admitted to participate in foil fencing. It was not until 1996,  this was changed and  women were allowed to  epee fencing. Finally, in the Olympic games of Athens in 2004, the  women sabre fencing was included  in the Olympic program.

The Fascination of Fencing:

Fencing unites elegance and tactics, concentration an coordination, action and reaction. It appeals to both: body and intelligence. It is also the elegance of the movements of the traditionally white dressed athletes that contributes to the fascination of this sport.

At the same, fencing combines the teamspirit within the clubs and teams with the solitude of the fights, where everyone has to stand alone. This special spirit is built up by the politeness and  the respect, with which the fencers meet each other: before and after the competition the salute to opponent,  roaring crowd and  officials is an integral element. The politeness has its origin in the long tradition of fencing. Before the invention of the small firearms, duels were fought with sabre, epee or foil.

At that time, rules of politeness were considered even under the tension of these duels.(even if one tried to kill each other afterwards)